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A Monster By Any Other Name

We will replace your heart with a broken toaster.

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Name:A Monster By Any Other Name
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Community description:a Supernatural AU fanfic collaboration
A Monster By Any Other Name
a Supernatural AU fanfic collaboration by brosedshield and lavinialavender

intro -- warnings -- masterlist

Our story takes several steps away from canon.

Dean Winchester is an only child.

Mary died November 2nd, 1983, but neither in a fire nor on the ceiling.

Five-year-old Sam is deported to a concentration camp for monsters.

But the core remains the same.

This is a love story.


As described by our spectacular beta, whereupon:

"It is both beautiful and heartbreaking. Gritty, and realistic, and cruel where narrative demands, it isn't easy in the least (definitely read the warnings prior to beginning the story) -- which is as it should be, given the subjects it deals with. Though much of the content is dark, the deftness and compassion with which it's written make those aspects endurable, and readable, even as they hurt.

This story is not for everyone -- a facile statement, that, because what story is? -- but if you're looking for a gorgeous, insightful, nuanced story that deals with, among other things, what it is to be human and what it is to be a monster and what it is to be neither, or both; if you're looking for a story about resilience, weariness, grace, and survival and living (and the difference between the two), and you don't mind darkness, don't miss this."
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